A Week With My Father:
How Reality TV does Forgiveness and Healing

A Docu-drama Reality TV pilot that reunites Adults with their long lost Fathers 

for a one-week visit

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About Us

The Project


Each episode of AWWMF will feature a man or woman meeting their father. The pair will enjoy targeted activities designed to stimulate conversation, promote healing, and understanding. 

The goal of each show will be to start a new relationship, or simply bring a sense of closure.

Winner of the prestigious 2011 New York Television Festival's Best Pitch Award, "AWWMF" is a celebration of Fatherhood and the importance of a father in a child's life.  

The pilot episode featured Giacomo meeting his father James after a 33 year absence!  

Image courtesy of Patrick House Photography. All Rights Reserved

The Production Team


Created by Giacomo Knox, and Executive Produced by Julie House, Patrick House, and Giacomo Knox. Associate Producer and Editor Anne Marie Ringor Maltes, and Directed by Andre Mayers.

Image courtesy of Patrick House Photography. All Rights Reserved

Where We Are Today?


We are sad to report that James Knox and Peter Fehevari, the two dads featured in the pilot episode have passed away.

Good news always follows bad news!  We have been named an Official Selection and Official Nominee for the CONTENT 19 Christian Film Festival!  We are nominated for the Documentary Film category, so if you're attending, please look for Giacomo and say Hi!

Image courtesy of Patrick House Photography. All Rights Reserved

The Trailer for A Week With My Father

The two minute trailer for the show!  Have a look and check us out on YouTube under AWWMF or A Week With My Father.  DVD and Vimeo link available.


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A Week With My Father



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