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   Winner of the 2011 New York Television Festival’s Best Pitch   Contest, and First Runner-Up in A&E’s Unscripted Reality Drama Contest, A Week With My Father gives audiences an opportunity to go on an emotional journey  with  families as estranged fathers and their children reconnect after being apart for several years. Fathers and their adult children will spend one week together, enjoying targeted activities designed to stimulate conversation.

Audiences will witness fathers, sons, and daughters, grapple with hopes, fears, struggles and disappointments as the pair attempt to reconcile and have their questions answered.  At the end of the week, they will make the ultimate decision: continue in their new relationship, or part company for good. 

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One family at a time....

Bridging the gap      between estranged fathers and their adult children.

It is time to restore more relationships and heal old wounds BUT the producers of A Week With My Father need your help to see this show become an all-important voice in reality television. We would like to develop 11 more episodes! But we need your financial contribution to move forward.

Please click on our GoFundMe appeal, and make a donation. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of those participating in future episodes and those in the viewing audience. You can also help us by sharing our gofundme appeal, and our social media links with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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According to the 2016  

US Census Bureau a    little over 20% of   children lived in a home where their father was not present compared to 1968, when only 10% of children lived in a similar situation.  Truly, we have increasingly become a nation where fatherlessness, for some families, is a real fact of life.